Nghiên cứu khoa học

TỪ 09/2020 ĐẾN 09-2021

Công bố trên tạp chí quốc tế
1 Cong-Khai Dinh, Quang-Thanh Ngo, Trung Thanh Nguyen Medium- and High-Tech Export and Renewable Energy Consumption: Non-Linear Evidence from the ASEAN Countries Energies
2 Hasan, M., Arif, M., Naeem, M. A., Ngo, Q. T., & Taghizadeh–Hesary, F. Time-frequency connectedness between Asian electricity sectors Economic Analysis and Policy, 69, 208-224. ISSN: 0313-5926. (ISI Q1/SCOPUS Q1)
3 Naeem, M. A., Nguyen, T. T. H., Nepal, R., Ngo, Q. T., & Taghizadeh-Hesary, F. Asymmetric relationship between green bonds and commodities: Evidence from extreme quantile approach Finance Research Letters, 101983. ISSN: 1544-6123. (SSCI Q1/ SCOPUS Q1)
4 Nguyen, C. H., Ngo, Q. T., Pham, M. D., Nguyen, A. T., & Huynh, N. C. Economic linkages, technology transfers, and firm heterogeneity: The case of manufacturing firms in the Southern Key Economic Zone of Vietnam Cuadernos de Economía, 44(124), 1-25. ISSN 0121-​4772. (ESCI/ SCOPUS Q3) Publisher: Asociacion Cuadernos de Economia
5 Dinh C. K., Ngo Q. T The impact of institutional pressures and top management regulations on firm performance Polish Journal of Management Studies. DOI: 10.17512/pjms.2021.23.2.06. ISSN: 2081-7452. (SCOPUS Q1/Q2) Publisher: Czestochowa University of Technology
6 Fengsheng Chien, Quang-Thanh Ngo, Ching-Chi Hsu, Ka Yin Chau, Robina Iram Assessing the Mechanism of Barriers Towards Green Finance and Public Spending in Small and Medium Enterprises from Developed Countries Environmental Science and Pollution Research. DOI: 10.1007/s11356-021-14907-1. ISSN. 0944-1344. (ISI Q2/SCOPUS Q2)
7 Ching-Chi Hsu, Quang-Thanh Ngo, Fengsheng Chien, Li Li, Muhammad Mohsin Evaluating Green Innovation and Performance of Financial Development: Mediating Concerns of Environmental Regulation Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN. 0944-1344. (ISI Q2/SCOPUS Q2)
8 Weiqing Li, Fengsheng Chien, Quang-Thanh Ngo, Tien-Dung Nguyen, Sajid Iqbal, Ahmad Raza Billal Vertical financial disparity, energy prices and emission reduction: Empirical insights from Pakistan Journal of Environmental Management. ISSN: 0301-4797. (ISI Q1/ ABDC A Ranked /SCOPUS Q1)
9 Wu Xueying, Muhammad Sadig, Fengsheng Chien, Thanh Quang Ngo, Anh-Tuan Nguyen, The-Truyen Trinh Testing the role of green financing on climate change mitigation: Evidence from G7 and E7 countries Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN. 0944-1344. (ISI Q2/SCOPUS Q2)
10 Chien, ., Ngo, QT., Hsu, CC. et al. Assessing the capacity of renewable power production for green energy system: a way forward towards zero-carbon electrification. Environ Sci Pollut Res (2021). ISSN. 0944-1344. (ISI Q2/SCOPUS Q2)
11 Ngo Quang Thanh How Does Environmental Regulations Effect Pattern of Carbon Emission and Energy Efficiency: A Provincial Level Analysis of Chinese Energy-Intensive Industries? Environmental Science and Pollution Research. ISSN. 0944-1344. (ISI Q2/SCOPUS Q2)
12 Nguyen Tien Dung, Ngo Quang Thanh The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility, Energy Consumption on Sustainable Economic Development: Evidence from ASEAN countries Contemporary Economics. Forthcoming. ISSN: 1897-9254. (ESCI/SCOPUS Q1/Q2)
13 Vo Huu Phuoc, Ngo Quang Thành The Role of Agricultural Financing and Development on Sustainability: Evidence from ASEAN Countries AgBioForum, 23(1): 22-31.
14 Long Nguyen Le Hoang, Huong Nguyen Thi Thu, Viet Anh Ho Service Innovative Behavior in the Aviation Industry: An Empirical Study of the Contribution of Perceived Organizational Support ASEAN Journal of Management & Innovation (ACI)
15 Nguyen Le Hoang Long, Nguyen Thi Thu Huong, Ho Viet-Anh Fostering innovative behavior in the aviation industry: The role of perceived supervisor support and workgroup diversity Problems and Perspectives in Management (SCOPUS Q3)
16 Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To NGUYEN, Du Van NGUYEN, Ngoc Nguyen Mong CHU, Van Hong TRAN. Application of Total Quality Management in Developing Quality Assessment Model: The Case of Vietnamese Higher Education Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business
17 Hien Thi Thu DINH, Ngoc Nguyen Mong CHU, Van Hong TRAN, Du Van NGUYEN, Quyen Le Hoang Thuy To NGUYEN. Applying Stochastic Fractal Search Algorithm (SFSA) in Ranking the Determinants of Undergraduates Employability: Evidence from Vietnam Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business
Hội thảo quốc tế
19 Phan Thi Lien, Thanh Quang Ngo, Ha Thi Viet Thuy, Dang Thi Mai Huong (Tác giả liên hệ) Why don’t all young SMEs in the industrial zone invest in R&D? The role of supply-chain technology linkages International Conference on Business and Finance 2021 (UEH)
20 Phan Thi Lien, Thanh Quang Ngo (Tác giả liên hệ) Financial constraints and export in Vietnam: Complementary or trade-off? International Conference on Business and Finance 2021 (UEH)
Công bố trên tạp chí trong nước
21 Nguyễn Hoàng Kim, Nguyễn Lê Hoàng Long Factors affecting organizational citizenship behavior of employees in restaurant service industry: The case of Ho Chi Minh City Journal of science (Vie)
22 Nguyen Van Du, Dinh Cong Khai, Nguyen Le Hoang Long, Vo Thi Thao Nguyen, Những yếu tố ảnh hưởng đến hành vi chia sẻ tri thức của các bác sĩ ngành chẩn đoán hình ảnh Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Kinh tế
Hội thảo trong nước
23 Le Vinh Trien, Nguyen Thanh Tien Quản lý thuế trong xu thế nền kinh tế số tại Việt Nam Kỷ yếu hội thảo Quốc gia về nền kinh tế số do UEH tổ chức thát 11/2020
Sách/ chương của sách
24 Ngô Quang Thành (Đồng tác giả) Phát triển kinh tế số tại Việt Nam: một số phân tích chính yếu NXB Đại học Quốc gia TP. HCM, Sắp xuất bản
25 Ngô Quang Thành (Đồng tác giả) Năng suất các nhân tố tổng hợp – Những vấn đề lý thuyết và nghiên cứu thực nghiệm NXB Đại học Quốc gia TP. HCM, 2021
26 Đinh Công Khải, Nguyễn Văn Dư, Nguyễn Lê Hoàng Long Chuyển đổi số trong khu vực công Bài viết trong Book series về chuyển đổi số UEH, 2021
Tạp chí có ISSN
27 Le Vinh Trien & Kris Hartley Vietnam Lost Public Buy-in. Its COVID-19 Struggles Followed
28 Le Vinh Trien Vietnam’s Great Debate Over Democracy