The ICD Department guides how to look up information on international journals on the Scopus, ISI and ABDC lists, as well as preventing risks to submit articles to the journals of the list of notorious publishing houses (predatory). in the Beall list as follows: 1 / Check the journal in the list of Scopus, ISI or ABDC:

a)  Scopus: 

b)  ISI:  

c)  ABDC: 

2 / Check the notorious publisher (predatory) in the Beall list:

NOTE: There are currently many Open-Access journals that have paid postings that specialize in soliciting paid authors to post (for example, the author has to pay for post processing: APC – Article Processing Charge) but did not follow the independent review process, or have done extremely through the speaker, making money from collecting publication fees without regard to the quality of the article. Authors only need to pay and can post quickly.

Although these journals have not yet been included in the Beall list, even in the Scopus / ISI / ABDC category, in the future there is a high possibility that they will be removed from these lists or included in the list. Beall because of ethical publishing issues. Some researchers, due to their carelessness of publishing articles in these journals, later could not withdraw their articles from the database system on the Internet.

From there they risk the influence of reputation in the domestic and international scientific community. The author notes that not all Open Access journals are poorly reputed, but care should be taken and avoid submissions to Open Access journals with post and / or controversial issues regarding Publishing ethics to protect its academic reputation as well as that of UEH.


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